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Discover the city of Porto for a a quite unique experience in Portugal, that still known as the Capital of Northern Portugal.

Porto city is the capital of Northern Portugal, is the largest city in the North West of the Iberian Peninsula.

The first signals of a human occupation date back to the Bronze Age, (the Monte da Pena Ventosa), where the medieval town of the city grew.

Nowadays it is a dynamic city, and forward-looking city!


The local people are emotional, hospitable and expansive, wich gives to the city a good atmosphere and a very special charm.

The historic center of O`Porto was classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco in 1996.

 You can visit and walk through the narrow and historic streets of the old city, where the highlight is the Ribeira do Porto (place by the river), located on the right bank of the Douro River, whose typical houses, old warehouses, bourgeois houses, merchants, justify a unique experience in Portugal, allied magnificent view from the right bank to the opposite side of the Douro, where the Port Wine Cellars are located, one of the most famous brands in Portugal,  which receive visits from all those who want to know these buildings linked to the history of this famous  Portuguese wine.

You can visit the famous “Golden” Church in Portugal, the Church of São Francisco of Assis from the 14th century in Gothic style, where the 18th century gilded woodwork stands out.

The Bolsa Palace is the “welcome room” to the city whenever a high-ranking State figure visits in the city, where in the recent past it was where the Stock Exchange was installed, its interior is luxurious and magnificently decorated. The highlight is the famous Arabian hall, full of Arabian motifs, that makes this beautiful building one of the most visited in the city and in the country.


 Don’t miss a visit to the House Museum of  Infant D. Henrique, who is considered one of the most important Portuguese navigators, was born here . The building was built by Afonso IV in 1325 and used as a Customs House, today it is the headquarters of the Porto Historical Archive.

You can taste some of the most typical dishes in the City, which one of the most famous is “francezinha” (meat toast bread), served between two loaves of flat bread, with various ingredients, such as steak fillet, sausages, ham, cheese, fried egg and the sauce that will cover the meat toast, served with chips and accompanied with draft beer.

I strongly invite you to come to O´Porto for a quite unique experience in Portugal, that still  known as the Capital of Northern Portugal.

 Visit Portugal, one of the best tourist destinations in the world!


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Visit Porto


Discover the city of Porto for a a quite unique experience in Portugal, that still known as the Capital of Northern Portugal.