Sofia Vieira

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Born and trained in Lisbon, she began her career as a tour guide in Portugal in 1992. Meanwhile she began to accompany Portuguese-speaking groups around the world. She continues her studies in Hospitality and Gastronomy and in 1999 she moves to Alentejo where she starts a family project with a restaurant and small hotel, which ends in 2015. Met her husband in Évora, they have two children.
All family lives in Évora since 2013, a World Heritage city classified by UNESCO, where she makes walking tours through the ancient streets and monuments of Évora, which can be complemented by a hands on cooking class at home (in the old kitchen of the preparations in front of the vegetable garden), where you put your hands in the dough and eat what you are doing. Undoubtedly a complete experience of history, landscape, knowledge and flavors. It is a dive into the local culture, without filters, in the authenticity of the Alentejo region. History, and the stories behind each recipe, cooking and eating are some of Sofia’s passions.

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