Margarida Pereira

About me

I was born and grew up in Madeira Island. My first experiences as a Tourism hostess was in the middle of the 70’s, after the Carnation Revolution, when the Portuguese “rediscovered” Madeira.
These first adventures led me to Lisbon to study and become a licensed tourist guide.
I never thought I would replace “Madeira Paradise” on behalf of Lisbon, I didn’t, it just happened. I am now living and working in Lisbon. Yet Madeira is my safe haven. Spending long periods there experiencing the pleasure of sharing my love to the Island with my friend guests.
I’m still very excited about my professional choice, and my job has been my passion since ever.
My program proposals are always tailor-made according to the traveler’s expectations. I love surprising with my extensive guides experience and knowledge gained over the years of activity dealing with people from different cultures, ages and life-style.

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