Pilgrimage in Portugal

Greetings from Portugal: A great place to come with your family on pilgrimage!

As a small but rich country, we are proud to say we have great diversity of patrimony, both natural and man-made, that you will enjoy for sure! Portugal is very safe, and it’s a place where you can feel surrounded by nature but also cities, without the discomfort of waves of people or tourists.

Portugal is a real success as a destination for single tourists, multigenerational families or even small, intimate groups. Having 850 kilometers of sandy beaches, with rocks and cliffs in between, it is a great country to rest in the sunshine. We also have quiet valleys, splendorous mountains, incredible castles and churches, and small but fantastic museums.

We count also with wonderful parks, fairly big cities full of esplanades and cafés, restaurants with great gastronomic and delicious menus and great wines!

Tourism is really a way of experiencing new sights, shared with your family or a special friend.

I am a professional tour guide with more than 30 years of experience, mainly in religious itineraries. Together, we will find amazing places that will please you! I have been leading pilgrims not only in Portugal, but also in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy…

We have great Shrines, like Fatima, and also smaller ones like Fetal, in the same mountain. In there, a shepherdess claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary.

You may visit places where Saints were born, like the Shrine of St. Anthony in Lisbon, or Balasar, in the north, where Blessed Alexandrina (the Portuguese Maria Goretti) lived.

In there, the Marian basilica of Our Lady of Sameiro, surrounded by the fantastic forest, and not far, the famous Bom Jesus do Monte, in the surroundings of Braga.

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus
Sanctuary of Bom Jesus

In the south we have the National Marian Shrine of the Immaculate Conception with the statue of Mary probably from the 14 Century. King John crowned the Virgin Mary as Queen of Portugal after our independence, in 1646.

You may also choose to come on pilgrimage, following the footsteps of a saint like St. Anthony, or St. Isabel the Holy Queen, or St. John of Brito, a Jesuit not so famous, but also important to know.

The list is immense, and we can provide you unforgettable visits, places of such an intimacy that you can consider to be a privilege to discover. We can reveal to you these unknown gems hidden for so long from the eyes of tourists!

Come and see, explore and be safe and healthy, as these will be the new ways of traveling.

Stay safe and think about coming to Portugal! We are here waiting for you, to enjoy and relax, explore and be surprised!


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